Two more opener choices for Contour Drill owners

Saskatoon, SK – Morris Industries Ltd., a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment is pleased to announce two new opener options for the Morris Contour Drill.

Morris has developed a Side Band Boot that will allow growers to place their seed to the side in a single row and place their fertilizer two inches to the side and three quarters of an inch below for good separation. This side band configuration promotes lower soil disturbance. Matched with 10 inch row spacing this opener provides good seed bed utilization.

The Side Band Boot is interchangeable with the paired-row Double-Shoot Boot.

The second seed boot option is a single-shoot Spread Tip Boot that allows the operator to place seed and fertilizer in a spread row. Spreading the seed and fertilizer in a three inch band significantly increases seed bed utilization allowing a higher safe rate of fertilizer to be placed with the seed. The Spread Tip Boot still maintains the low soil disturbance expected from a single shoot system. The wider seed band also provides a good stand for swath support.

The Spread Tip Boot is interchangeable with the narrow Single-Shoot Boot.

“Quite frankly, we brought forward these new opener options for the Contour Drill to allow for greater versatility and increased choices for situations that growers are faced with. As every farm situation is different, it is important to provide growers options to help design their drill the way they want it,” states Randy Ellis, Director of Marketing and Sales, North America. “By introducing more opener options that match growers preference for reduced soil disturbance, lower draft requirements or better trash flow without sacrificing on accuracy, it allows the Morris Contour Drill greater versatility in the situations that it is working under. The end result is a drill that can be adapted for specific conditions that the individual grower is faced with.”

The Morris Contour Drill is a minimum-till precision placement seed drill. The Contour Drill gets your crops off to the best start possible, allows more efficient use of your land, requires less horsepower and delivers overall fuel savings. It all starts with the independent opener that features parallel linkage for ultra precise seed and fertilizer placement. This TRUE parallelogram linkage maintains a constant opener angle relative to the soil and constant opener depth in relation to the packer wheel throughout its range of travel. Each opener moves independently of the frame and of each other to closely follow the contours of the land. The Contour Drill delivers unsurpassed seed placement for quick, even germination and the low draft requirement and single pass seeding and fertilizing contributes to significant time and fuel savings.