Morris introduces two new Contour sizes and air cart enhancements

Saskatoon, SK – Morris Industries has introduced the new heavy-duty 86′ and low transport 51′ Contour Air Drills into their line-up. For the first time, Morris is also offering the new Hydraulic Auger and Conveyor Auger options as EIGHT Series XL Air Cart enhancements.

“Growers have told us they want Contour performance in a wider width for cost and time savings,” says Randy Ellis, director of North American Marketing and Sales for Morris. “Our growers are farming larger amounts of land. The 86′ Contour gives them greater efficiencies, especially in acres per hour.”

The new Contour 51′ slides into the Morris air drill line-up between the 47′ and the 61′. “Producers want to be able to store their air drill investment in their sheds,” says Ellis. “The transport height on the new 51′ Contour is only 15’2″. The five-frame 51′ drill can fit through quite a few doors.”

The frame on the new 86′ Contour models is a unique 7-fold system with an efficient fold and unfold. The 86′ comes with 12-inch spacings. The 51′ supports both 10- and 12-inch spacings.

Making work easier and more efficient is the idea behind Morris’s two new EIGHT Series XL Air Cart enhancements. The new Morris Hydraulic Auger is all about ease of use and creature comforts while addressing manpower issues. “We want to make auger work easier,” says Ellis. “Because the auger can be positioned hydraulically versus having to physically put it into place, the fatigue issue is addressed, and that contributes to the growers’ safety, too.”

The new Morris Conveyor Auger is built around speed and ease of use. The rating of 60 bushels per minute can cut fill time in half. “There’s no clean-out,” says Ellis. “Producers want to reduce their down time, and the new Conveyor Auger addresses that. Other augers need to be cleaned out.”

The new Hydraulic Auger and Conveyor Auger are available on the 8630 and 8650 EIGHT Series XL Carts. They will become available on more EIGHT Series XL models in the near future.

The Morris Coutour is now available in 25′, 31′ 41′, 47′, 51′, 61′, 71′, 80′ and the new 86′ with various spacing options available.