Morris’ new Overlap Control offers Growers a fast payback

Saskatoon, SK – Morris Industries has introduced the new, grower-inspired, ½ Air Cart Meter Shut-Off. Featuring technology to limit overlaps, the new ½ Air Cart Meter Shut-Off is designed to reduce wasted seed and inputs, which can result in additional costs.

“The ½ Air Cart Meter Shut-Off is Morris’s response to growers who’ve been asking for efficient ways to reduce input costs,” says Randy Ellis, director of North American Marketing and Sales for Morris. “This technology is only the first stage of advanced overlap control.”

The ½ Meter Shut-Off allows the air cart operator to shut off half the seed and fertilizer from the cab of the tractor. This function is used to prevent costly overlaps and is effective in areas of a field where seeding strips are required.

A grower told Morris, “You guys have the simplest machine to put a shut-off on, and I think you can do it.”

“So we’ve done it,” says Ellis.

The producer can shut off the right or left half of the air cart, depending on which slide gate is chosen. “The ½ Air Cart Shut-Off is ideal for growers who want a cost-effective solution with a fast payback,” says Ellis. “Ideally, growers would like to be able to control each element of the seeding system.”