Morris introduces next generation independent opener drill

Morris Industries announces the launch of their next generation independent opener drill. The new C2 Contour  precision placement drill is designed for improved trash clearance and easier opener adjustments. Together with their successful Contour Drill, Morris now offers a range of air drills depending on field conditions.

The C2 Contour features a new 12-degree reclined shank, the same angle as the edge-on shank offered on the Morris Maxim air hoe drills. Trash moves up and off the knife faster with its improved shank angle, greatly reducing build up and bunching. The distance from the ground level to the trash catch point has been increased 60 per cent from 13.5” to 21” on the C2 Contour. While the parallel linkage has been increased slightly offering an additional five per cent packing pressure compared to the original Contour. The opener cam on the C2 Contour is higher up and away from the ground, allowing for easier opener adjustments.

“Farmers will see gains in efficiency that come from less downtime as a result of the improved trash clearance of the C2 Contour Drill,” says Don Henry, chief operating officer for Morris Industries. “The proven parallel linkage provides outstanding seed depth accuracy.  Uniform crop emergence due to consistent penetration and depth control leads to uniform maturity, rapid harvest and better grain grades.”

Better trash clearance also offers farmers a benefit in poor field conditions – including wet fields, clay weeds and stubble cut high in the fall. Growers who evaluated the C2 Contour in Australia noticed a significant improvement in crop residue clearance.

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