Morris Industries Donates to First Step Wellness Centre

Saskatoon, SK – Morris Industries has donated $5,000 to the First Steps Wellness Centre a non-profit organization focused on optimizing the health and independence of those living with a spinal cord injury.  The centre provides intense and consistent exercise-based recovery methods and wellness services through trained and dedicated staff and specialized fitness equipment.

“First Steps Wellness Centre is very fortunate for this financial contribution.  The centre recently moved into a 3600 square foot facility to meet the growing clientele demand.  With this comes extra costs and with Morris Industries contribution, will make the transition easier on all involved,” says Chris Lesanko, First Steps Wellness Centre founder.

First Steps Wellness Centre located in Regina, Saskatchewan is the first Project Walk ® certified provider facility in Canada.  Project Walk, located in Carlsbad, California is the most experienced and successful exercise-based spinal cord injury recovery center in the world.