Morris Industries Introduces the New 9-Series Air Cart

Morris Industries Ltd. announces the release of the new 9-Series Air Cart that incorporates many of the efficiency and safety improvements farmers say they need.

“The 9-Series Air Cart makes it easier for the farmer to work longer hours more efficiently and safely,” says Chief Operating Officer, Don Henry. “Farmers familiar with the 8-Series will immediately notice the new tank shape that is designed to increase efficiencies and operator safety. The Input Control Technology available on the 9-Series is a simple intuitive system that prevents costly overlaps. ”

Several new features, such as easier and safe tank access, reflect Morris’ farmer-inspired engineering. The stairway and walkway are protected with handrails for a more secure and safe work area. Director of Research and Development, Jack Lesanko says: “The new stairway and walkway improve access to the tank lids, and ascending or descending the stairway is similar to how stairs are used in a house.”

The auger has been moved to the left side of the 9-Series for easier access when filling. The conveyor is also on left side with transmission and stairway access. New transmission cover design adds protection for the operator. To increase safety and efficiency, the walkway is mounted lower than the lids. The new tank lid design makes opening and closing the lids easier. Lids are closer together to facilitate filling without having to move or readjust the auger.

At the product concept stage, farmers told Morris the design criteria should reflect ‘one farmer seeding all night alone’. Safety features have been engineered to address this new reality for many farmers. “When the lids are higher than the walkway, it’s difficult to accidentally step or fall into an opened tank compared to air carts with lids at same level or part of the walkway,” says Lesanko.

The time-proven spiral fluted wheel design introduced on the 6-Series Air Cart is still the centre of the metering system. The spiral flute provides a continuous flow of product into the air stream compared to the dumping/pulsing action of straight fluted metering systems.

Tank sizes range from the 9-Series 9365 (two tank) 182 + 182 up to the 9800 (four tank) 265 + 133 + 133 + 284.

9-Series Input Control Technology A less complicated system to conserve inputs

“As seeding tools get larger, the cost of overlaps rises on multiple acres when the farmer wastes expensive seed and fertilizer. The payback of an ICT system is easily calculated,” says Henry.

Input Control Technology stops rotation of the metering wheel for instantaneous “on/off” control.

The ICT overlap prevention system is intuitive with a simple sprocket-driven system that is easily understood. The roller is either engaged and turning or is stopped—no moving slides and charging or cleaning out of the meter section. The meter section is live at all times.

The electric GPS signal is transmitted to the Topcon X30 controller, which has a large screen and simplified settings. The controller signals the hydraulic valve, which engages or disengages the gear drive system for the metering wheels. This gives the ICT system operator instantaneous “on” and “off” control for a much more cost-effective and less complicated system to conserve inputs.

The ICT overlap control system is an option available only on the new 9-Series Air Cart. “Input Control Technology is a tremendous asset to our air cart line,” says Henry. “We’ve been showing our design at shows since 2010. The feedback from our customers has been very positive for a reason: the design is reliable and very intuitive.”


Limited production of the Morris ICT system for the new 9-Series Air Cart will be available for spring 2014.