Morris Industries Introduces the RAZR Disc Drill

Morris Industries Ltd. announces the release of the long-awaited RAZR™ disc drill, a farmer-inspired machine with the capacity to place seed and fertilizer faster and more efficiently in both till and no-till settings.

“Even at the prototype stage, the RAZR caught farmers’ attention,” says Casey Davis, President and CEO of Morris Industries. “Morris’ engineering, grounded by farmer input, has produced a quality product that addresses the farmer’s need for greater efficiencies, especially in acres per hour.”

In the field, the RAZR translates into more acres per hour seeded for a given drill size. A 60-foot RAZR disc drill seeding at 6.5 mph will seed approximately the same number of acres per hour as an 86-foot C2 Contour seeding at 4.5 mph.

“Low disturbance, single disc openers give farmers the ability to seed at higher speeds than conventional hoe drills or independent hoe drills,” says Assistant Director of Research and Development, Clint Sheppard.

The walking beam design gets maximum use out of the ground-engaging components, and it allows for increased penetration force on the disc blade, where it is needed most. The single-shoot scraper on each disc is equipped with carbide inserts for long service intervals. Scraper pressure and the seed bounce tab are adjusted in the initial set-up of the machine; down force and depth setting can be adjusted in the field.

Depth setting is adjusted with a simple depth cam and pin at each opener. “Openers can be adjusted quickly to change crop varieties or adapt to variable moisture conditions,” says Sheppard. “Spoked depth gauge wheels give farmers the ability to start seeding earlier in tough wet conditions with virtually eliminate plugging of the gauge wheel against the disc blade.”

The packer tire on the opener can be moved from an aggressive packer angle for proper closing and packing in no-till conditions to a less aggressive angle for good performance in pre-worked conditions.

“The RAZR’s advanced engineering is the result of our stated intention to listen to farmers,” says Davis. “You can expect more as Morris moves forward and continues to increase spending in research development.”

To support new product development, Morris recently renovated the Research and Development facility to better serve the needs of engineers and staff and to accommodate planned expansions.