Tech Talk Winner

SASKATOON, SK (January 25, 2013) – Morris Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce that retired farmer Dan Rosner at Watson, SK, is the winner of the Morris iPad Draw.  “I entered a lot of draws at Farm Progress in Regina, but I never expected to win anything,” Dan said, “The iPad is the first thing of any consequence I ever won.”

Dan took delivery of his new Apple iPad at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon.  “We had plans to attend Ag Days so Morris brought the iPad with them to Brandon where we picked it up,” he said.

The iPad now sits on the counter in Dan and Sylvia’s home in Watson.  He said their fifteen-year-old granddaughter is “raring to go” to teach them how to use it. “Our granddaughter says there’s nothing to it, but these kids grew up with computers.  It’s all new to us.”

If Dan and Sylvia get up to speed on their new iPad, they might take it with them to Las Vegas. The iPad comes with telephone technical support for 90 days, and that might just come in handy.

Congratulations Dan and Sylvia!