ProAG Introduces a New Versatile Square Bale Stacker

SASKATOON SK – ProAG introduces a new and versatile square bale stacker for small farm or custom operations.

The ProAG 12SR PLUS Stacker is in response to the need for increased versatility and efficiencies required in the square bale stacker market.

The ProAG 12SR PLUS can go from picking large square bales to small bale bundles within minutes in the field.  The 12SR PLUS will pick and stack 12 (3ft x 3ft) dry bales, 6 (3ft x 4ft) dry bales, 4 (4ft x 4ft) dry bales per load or 8 bundle packs of 21 small square bales per pack, per load.

The 21-bale-bundles capacity of the 12SR allows it to haul 168 small square bales per load.  Graphite-coated supports on the deck help keep the bale bundles intact, and a new grapple system enables operators to pick up two bale bundles per loader cycle.

There are no electronics on the machine, it is run off of three remotes out of the tractor.  “The implement will be a good option for producers considering diversifying and helping to supply the small square market”, says ProAG’s Lisa Gaskin.

ProAG – Engineered by Morris has a long history of well built, easy to operate, fast and reliable machines.