The RUSTLER is ideal for spreading and breaking up residues on minimum and no-till operations. This tool also provides excellent granular chemical incorporation, seedbed preparation and functionality as a finishing harrow.



The MORRIS RUSTLER delivers superior field finish and uniform crop residue dispersal.

Superior Performance

The RUSTLER delivers superior field finish and uniform crop residue dispersal based on three key design elements:

  • The RUSTLER follows the contour of the land with a parallel linkage design featuring 14" of travel. Each harrow section moves independently of the harrow frame and down force is applied uniformly at the 4 linkage points of each harrow section.
  • Consistent harrow — ground contact occurs by transferring the weight of the over-built wing booms and main frame to the harrow tines via the hydraulic tine angle adjustment.
  • The tine spacing and the whipping action of the individual harrow tines bust up and uniformly distribute crop residues.

5-Bar Harrow

This is a traditional heavy harrow that effectively spreads crop residue, incorporates granular herbicides and provides some tillage for leveling machinery ruts or firming loose soil. The decreased number of tines relative to the 7-bar series results in more ground pressure on each tine and better penetration into the soil.

  • Tines: 9/16" diameter × 28" long
  • Tine spacing: 2.6"
  • A 5/8" diameter tine is optional

7-Bar Harrow

This harrow is a crop residue spreading specialist. The combination of more tines on the ground and the increased ‘whipping action’ of the narrower diameter tine results in superior uniform crop residue dispersal. The increased number of tines relative to the 5-bar series results in less ground pressure per tine and a shallower depth of soil acted on by the harrow.

  • Tines: ½" diameter × 24" long
  • Tine spacing: 1.4"

Harrow Tine Comparison

  7-bar harrow 5-bar harrow
½ diameter × 24" long 9/16" diameter × 28" long 5/8" diameter × 28" long
*relative wear on bare tines. All Rustler harrows are sold with MaxLife™ welded coating on the bottom 3" of the tine for extended wear life.
Crop residue dispersal very good good fair
Tine action very good good fair
Field leveling / rut removal poor fair good
Wear life* fair good very good


Built to Last.

Heavy Duty Harrow Frame

The Rustler harrow has an over-built frame featuring 8" x 8" HSS, 3/8" wall wing booms and an unique X-brace main frame.

MAX LIFE™ Tungsten Carbide Harrow Tines

This carbide-embedded welded coating on the bottom 3" of each tine greatly extends the lifespan of harrow tines and is less prone to straw hooking than alternative tine wear extending products.

Flexible Knuckle

Provides a strong, ground contouring connection between the main frame and wings.

Ease of Use

Get going in the field quickly and easily.

Auto Fold

The auto-fold system, featuring hydraulic pivoting end wheels, makes folding in and out of transport position easy from the tractor cab.

Auto-Locking Draft Arms

This cable-free draft arm system keeps the harrow safe and secure in field position.

Hydraulic Tine

The hydraulic control option allows the operator to control the tine angle from the cab. Adjust the tine angle from 40 to 85 degrees using the hydraulic remote in your cab. Hydraulic on-the-go tine control for changing straw conditions means you spend more time working and less time making adjustments. The more aggressive the tine angle, the more downward force is applied. Tine angle adjustment can be changed on the go to prevent balling of residue.

Operator’s Manuals

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