There’s a threshold within innovation when small steps aren’t enough, and something big has to happen. Quantum is that big step. Morris’ revolutionary new air drill takes your operation to the next level with increased seeding efficiency, yield potential, and equipment longevity. More than just a new model, Quantum is a giant leap forward in agricultural innovation — and one of the biggest achievements in our 90-year history.


Quantum elevates agronomic performance with precise depth control, ideal soil-seed contact, and consistent product separation for maximum yield potential. For more about Quantum’s agronomic performance click here.

Exact Depth Control

With a 16-inch range of travel, Quantum’s opener is much less prone to carve into the crowns of hills or lose seed placement in shallow depressions.

  • 1:1 opener to packer ratio parallel linkage ensures exact depth control and opener angle of entry
  • Most precise depth control and ground following among independent hoe openers

Superior Seed-Soil Contact

A well-established field is the most important step toward maximum yield potential. Quantum’s improved row unit design provides ideal soil-seed contact for rapid uniform crop emergence.

  • Trash flow adapted from C2 Contour — one of the best designs in the industry
  • Reduced soil fracturing and excellent seed bed consistency
  • Multiple packer wheel options for ideal furrow closure

Outstanding Product Separation

Morris has measured the impact of fertilizer rates with double-shoot openers on a variety of soils and conditions across North America for over 10 years. Quantum’s double-shoot openers reinforce the outstanding results.

  • High degree of fertilizer/seed separation — relatively insensitive to fertilizer rates
  • Consistent fertilizer placement below the seedbed


From the front hitch to the back, and every millimetre in-between, the all-new Quantum is completely redesigned from the ground up for exceptional strength, durability, and longevity. For more details, see the complete Quantum brochure here.

Serious Frame Strength

Quantum’s advanced frame is connected with chrome pins that are 27% larger than the previous design - resulting in a stronger joint with greater durability.

  • Tubular frame construction
  • More than 700 fewer components than C2 Contour series
  • 154% higher fatigue strength over C2 design


The new heavy-duty hitch uses a greaseable, articulating hitch clevis for excellent wear life.

  • 20% more steel than previous designs
  • Hardened steel bushings and chrome pins
  • Low pull point to reduce draft load on the front tires
  • Same clevis on rear quad hitch for tow-behind carts


Quantum’s tire design keeps you rolling with flexible durability for the long haul.

  • 600/50-22.5 tires across the whole machine
  • Hubs are fully interchangeable from the wings to the main frame
  • Single-wheel castor for improved transport and operational stability
  • 19% taller tire for easier passage through ruts and washouts

Improved Row Unit

The improved row unit provides outstanding row-to-row depth precision and a more durable design that minimizes steel-on-steel wear.

  • Reinforced anti-skew packer arm
  • Compact linkage arms for reduced pivot stress
  • Extended shank holder for improved trip action


Quantum is designed to adapt to your farming needs. The frame allows for an exceptionally broad range of row unit spacing, including both imperial and metric flexibility. Packer wheel options go from 4.00” x 16” v-crown, to 5.50” x 16” semi-pneumatic Otico tires. For all the detailed specs on Quantum, click here.


Quantum provides a wide range of imperial and metric row unit spacing at the exact working width of the drill.

  • Imperial: 10, 12 and 15-inch spacing, available on 40, 50, 60 and 70-foot sizes
  • Metric: 250, 300 and 380 millimetre spacing for 12, 15, 18 and 21-metre drills


The air drill’s opener cam uses the same proven system as the C2 Contour.

  • Notched cam-and-pin system adjusts depth at 0.25-inch intervals
  • Easily rotated by hand to the exact seeding depth

The industry's top tire flotation

Quantum’s larger diameter tires let you float through wet spots with ease.

  • 15% larger ground contact area than previous designs
  • Tires apply as little as 12 pounds of drill weight per square inch


Smooth internal surfaces make the new design less prone to plugging, while also preventing fertilizer and seed dust build-up

  • Larger stainless steel divider head increases durability
  • Oversized 28 millimetre secondary hose openings for larger seeds
  • Quick coupler system for easy inspection access


Quantum has an active hydraulic system to control opener pressure, a reducing system to minimize hydraulic flow, and a number of other user-friendly options.

  • Single-touch opener lift and lower
  • Adjustable opener pressure from the tractor
  • Compatible with Topcon X35 control system


Spacing is optimized for minimal tracks and soil compaction in controlled traffic fields.

  • Tires are placed at 9.8 foot (3 metre) centers on Quantum’s main frame