Morris offers Growers integrated liquid fertilizer systems

Saskatoon, SK – Morris Industries Ltd., a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment is pleased to announce that Pattison Liquid Systems of Lemberg, Saskatchewan is the company’s provider of choice for liquid fertilizer systems for the Morris Contour Drill.

Pattison Liquid Systems has been the Western Canadian leader in liquid fertilizer application systems for the last 25 years. This partnership brings together the leaders of liquid fertilizer application and seeding equipment technology resulting in a unique grower offering. Morris Contour drill customers now have the flexibility to use liquid or dry fertilizer or both in a single pass.

“By working closely with Pattison, we have developed a Liquid System that offers tremendous flexibility and versatility to our customers. It is designed for our Morris Contour Drills and our 8300XL and 8370XL EIGHT Series Air Carts. As an option to the system, a 420 imperial gallon mounted tank for the application of phosphorous is available for the 8300 XL and 8370XL Morris Air Carts,” states Randy Ellis, Director of Marketing and Sales, North America.

“It enables our retail network to order a Liquid System from Pattison that has been specifically designed for the Morris Contour Drill and EIGHT Series Air Cart, complete with part numbers and description of the system.”

Highlights of the Liquid Fertilizer System include a Variable Rate Distribution Kit with variable rate nozzles and in-line check valves. A Tow-behind 2083 Imperial gallon Horizontal Tank with light package and fill pump complete with autoshut- off and/or a 420 imperial gallon mounted tank (option for 8300XL and 8370XL Carts) with product diverter valve. And, a ground-drive pump assembly.

“At Pattison Liquid Systems we have seen the continued demand for the single pass seeding system, which will precisely place seed and crop nutrients. Over the years we have lead the industry in developing new liquid fertilizer distribution systems, with the most recent being systems that provide variable auto rate and sectional boom controls. Partnering with a manufacturer of seeding equipment to offer this complete package, utilizing expertise from both organizations, will provide a superior product for the market place,” states John Young, Sales Manager with Pattison Liquid Systems.

The Morris Contour Drill is a minimum-till precision placement seed drill. The Contour Drill gets your crops off to the best start possible, allows more efficient use of your land, requires less horsepower and delivers overall fuel savings. It utilizes independent openers that features parallel linkage for ultra precise seed and fertilizer placement. This true parallelogram linkage maintains a constant opener angle relative to the soil and constant opener depth in relation to the packer wheel throughout its range of travel. Each opener can move independently of the frame and of each other to closely follow the contours of the land. The Contour Drill delivers precision seed placement for quick, uniform germination and emergence. The low draft requirement and single pass seeding and fertilizing results in significant time and fuel savings.