Morris Industries is launching two new super-efficient bale carriers

SASKATOON SK – Morris Industries is launching two new super-efficient bale carriers: The ProAG 16K PLUS Bale Runner for large square bales and the ProAG 900 Hay Hiker for round bales.

The 16K PLUS Bale Runner and the 900 Hay Hiker are ProAG’s response to the increased bale densities and heavier weights now commonly produced by newer balers. Loading and unloading these large, heavy bales in volume can now be handled faster and more efficiently.

“Suppliers and transporters of biomass to ethanol plants are finding they need to move an increased volume of agricultural feedstocks such as corn, wheat, switchgrass, and corn stover quickly and efficiently,” says ProAG’s Lisa Gaskin. “Any producer loading and unloading large quantities will appreciate the efficiency and reliability of these new machines. The 16K PLUS Bale Runner carries twice the load of smaller units which increases the operators speed and capacity in moving more bales in less time resulting in more dollars faster.”

New 16K PLUS Bale Runner

The 16K PLUS Bale Runner picks up two bales per loader cycle and unloads the entire load at once. Competitors pick up one bale per loader cycle and often unload only half the load at a time. “From the beginning to the end of the loading and unloading process, the 16K PLUS Bale Runner is, hands down, the fastest and most efficient machine on he market today,” says Gaskin.

The 16K PLUS Bale Runner can handle bales 6.5′ – 8.5′ long and has a loader capacity of 4,500 lbs. The maximum load capacity is 18,000 lbs. This machine will pick up and stack wet or dry bales, up to 18 – 3×3 bales, 12 – 3×4 bales, and 8 – 4×4 bales per load. A 180 HP tractor with a power beyond hydraulic system will give optimum performance for this unit.

New 900 Hay Hiker

Designed and engineered with a GVW of 19,000 lbs. and a heavy-duty loading arm, the 900 Hay Hiker is the ideal retrieving and hauling round bale carrier. Heavy-duty axles, hubs, tires and springs result in the increased GVW. The labor saving 900 Hay Hiker can pick up 12 of the 4′ bales and eight of the 5′ or 6′ bales on the go in a single pass. The operator can approach the bale at almost any direction, turning it with the Bale Turner and loading all in one motion, all from the same side of the machine and never having to stop. This carrier is very gentle on the bale and chains never come in contact with the bales twine or net wrap.

The 900 Hay Hiker load capacity weight is 13,623 lbs. A 120 HP tractor with two hydraulic remotes to operate the Hay Hiker will give optimum performance for this unit.

“Simple, efficient and reliable is what these machines are all about,” adds Gaskin. “Producers choose the reliability of ProAG Bale Runners, Stackers and Hikers because they know that time is a premium, and if they’re down, they’re losing dollars.”