Yorkton employee awarded Safe Worker Award

Yorkton, SK – Morris Industries is pleased to announce Howard Jones, the recipient of WorkSafe Saskatchewan, 2011 Safe Worker Award. This award recognizes an individual who has shown an exemplary commitment to workplace health and safety.

Howard has been very active in the Morris Continuous Improvement (MCI) program, implemented the fall of 2009. He was instrumental in creating a new work area and contributed to the design of new component racking. The result was reduced walking time by 26 kilometers per year plus a significant decrease in strain and stress injuries.

By being open minded and going beyond the mindset of ‘always doing it this way,’ Howard demonstrated leadership in ergonomics and safety improvement. His example has allowed other Morris employees see that their input and suggestions are valuable and important.

“Morris Industries is very proud of Howard’s accomplishment and we would like to congratulate him, ” says Casey Davis, president and chief executive officer. “Morris has made great strides in our safety program and we will continue to focus on safety throughout our company. Howard’s accomplishment is a great example of the safety program success.”