Morris Industries Holds Another Successful Grower Council Meeting

SASKATOON, SK – Morris Industries, manufacturer of innovative seeding equipment, held its third grower council meeting earlier in March in Saskatoon.  A total of eight growers from Canada and the U.S. participated in the meeting and met with Morris management to discuss the products and services provided by the agricultural company.

Morris began holding grower meetings last year in January to gain insights from farmers on the agricultural industry in their region and get feedback on new ideas and concepts. Several members of Morris management team including the Director of Research and Development discussed with farmers what they were looking for when it came to seeding and fertilizing equipment.

“I really enjoyed it,” says Brad Toone, of Claresholm, AB. “It’s really nice to be able to express your opinions on the equipment and see that they are actually taking your advice in the development of upcoming products.”

“This is definitely giving me more confidence in Morris,” added Toone who seeds barley, canola, wheat and peas. “You are not filling out a quick survey and putting it in the mail like most equipment manufacturers ask. You are directly talking to the source and they are working to develop equipment that will respond to the needs of the producers.”

The grower’s meeting held by Morris was a valuable tool to get unfiltered opinions from producers.

“I think it is good,” says Carson Shymanski, of Choiceland, SK, who is part of a multi-generational family farm operation. “I think it is valuable for Morris to get input from farmers to know where things should be going. It is also valuable for farmers to be able to get the equipment we are looking for.”

“After meeting the staff from Morris and seeing how the business is run I am definitely more inclined to buy products from them,” added Shymanski who currently uses the 60’ Maxim III Air Drill with a Morris air cart. “I would say I was a Morris person before, but I am even more of a Morris supporter afterwards.”

“The main priority of Morris is to deliver precision seeding technology, confidence and superior product through constant and open communication and that is why we hold these grower meetings,” said Casey Davis, CEO of Morris Industries. “Everyone from Morris was very grateful for the honesty the farmers brought to the table. We learned so much, we can go back with more insight to make our equipment and customer service even more efficient.”