Morris Releases Two Groundbreaking Opener Innovations

Morris is pleased to announce the release of two new farmer-inspired seeding tools:  the C2 Contour injected polymer opener and the RAZR double-shoot option.

“It made sense that development of a more durable opener for the C2 Contour would benefit a seeding operation,” said Clint Sheppard, Morris assistant director of research and development. “With the new Morris C2 Contour injected polymer opener 32% more tungsten carbide has been added to the shank’s highest wear regions to extend wear life.”

Due to the polymer’s low friction properties fertilizer build-up and seed treatment dust inside the openers are also reduced, which is especially important in high humidity conditions. The new one-piece shank reduces the number of parts and mounting hardware by half.

What’s more, the narrow profile of the polymer seed boot minimizes the opener length and width travelling through the soil for improved soil flow. The new Morris C2 Contour injected polymer opener can apply granular, liquid or gas.

Morris opener innovation didn’t stop there. The RAZR disc drill, farmer-inspired technology with the capacity to place seed and fertilizer faster and more efficiently in both till and no-till settings, now has the well-engineered double-shoot opener option that farmers told Morris they need.

“The seed openers are placed before centre placed fertilizer openers so they are always running in undisturbed conditions for optimum seed placement,” said Garth Massie, Morris corporate agronomist. “The centre placed fertilizer placement is configured with one fertilizer coulter for every two seed openers, and the fertilizer row units can be locked up for single shoot application.”

For commonality of parts and settings, the row unit is the same as the RAZR seed opener. The new double-shoot opener is available for 10” spacing on RAZR 40’ and 50’ drills (limited availability on 60’ widths).