Morris Industries Launches New Website

Morris Industries in pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed website,, which went live today.  “As quickly as technology changes in our agricultural category, so has the way customers expect brands to engage with them,” says Darrel Schindel, marketing communications manager for Morris Industries.

A significant change is the convergence of our two websites, Morris and ProAG.  By combining them and yet keep them uniquely separate it enables our company to better leverage each brand’s equity.  The clean, premium look provides a digital platform that helps farmers with easy access to information on products, service training documents, checklists and FAQ’s that offers farmers another avenue for better understanding of our equipment.

An exciting new addition is INNOVATE – a dynamic interactive platform that changes frequently, incorporates videos and infographics to provide valuable content and tools that help farmers.

The website is designed to seamlessly deliver all this information on almost any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop.  The responsive nature optimizes  our content to reach the broadest audience where possible.

Thank you for visiting,  we welcome your comments about our new digital platform.