Morris Industries Ltd. Announces New Quantum Air Drill

Morris Industries Ltd. today announced the introduction of its Quantum air drill, which features high-endurance durability, as well as improved productivity and agronomic performance.

Ben Voss, Morris Industries Ltd. President and CEO, said, “The Quantum air drill is a transformational shift from current designs and brings world-class manufacturing technology to agriculture. That said, the superior design and technology is inspired by farmers who demand the best. It delivers improved durability, productivity and agronomic excellence.”

“Through innovative design and proprietary manufacturing technology, we have developed an air drill with significantly improved frame strength,” said Voss.

The new 4×6 inch tubular frames of the Quantum features innovative joint welding resulting in a 154 percent improvement in joint fatigue over our previous drills. Frame sections are connected with larger diameter chrome pins that slide into hardened steel bushings ensuring the Quantum is the strongest, most durable air drill that Morris has ever developed.

The redesigned heavy-duty hitch uses 20 percent more steel than previous hitches and features a greasable articulating clevis to prevent wear and extend the life of the unit.


The overall design and manufacturing of the Quantum improves on the C2 Contour series, which will allow farmers to plant more acres per day.

The Quantum air drill features a broad range of row spacing options available in both imperial and metric measurements providing growers with the spacing option they desire.

New large 600/50-22.5 tires are standard across the entire machine, greatly improving the stability of the Quantum during transport as well as the flotation of the drill in the field.

The Quantum uses an active hydraulic system to control opener pressure and minimize flow requirements during operation. The new controller offers several user-friendly features such as single touch opener lift and lower.

In addition, new larger stainless steel divider heads have an increased lifespan. The new design features 28-millimeter secondary hose openings and are less prone to plugging by preventing build up of fertilizer and seed dust. A quick coupler system makes it convenient for inspection.

Agronomic Performance

“At the end of the day, it’s about performance,” said Morris’ Corporate Agronomist, Garth Massie. “The first and most important step in maximizing yield potential is rapid uniform crop emergence. Poorly established fields never achieve their full yield potential. Consistent depth control, seed and fertilizer separation and soil-seed contact are the dominant factors that influence rapid uniform crop emergence and minimize seed mortality. Rapid uniform crop emergence is the hallmark of well-designed seeding equipment.”

The Quantum drill’s superior design results in the most precise depth control and ground following among independent hoe opener drills, a key component in rapid uniform crop emergence for maximized yield potential. The row unit utilizes parallel linkage with a 1:1 opener-to-packer ratio, a feature first introduced in 2008 to Canada by Morris. During field operation, the opener will not carve deeper when travelling over crowns of hills and is less prone to losing seed placement when running through shallow depressions, like water runs. The Quantum drill’s trash-flow characteristics also improve agronomic performance. Adapted from the industry-leading trash-flow design found on the C2 Contour, the Quantum raises the lowest catch point on the opener by 60 percent and reclines the opener shank 12 degrees, allowing farmers to plant in taller stubble without sacrificing seed placement precision.

“Eliminating bunching and piles of crop residue collecting on the shank of the opener is important during shallow seeding,” said Massie. “These residue bunches interfere with the flow of soil around the opener and filling the furrow before packing, resulting in uncovered seed and spotty germination.”

Morris’ Commitment to Innovation

As a global manufacturer of agricultural seeding and hay hauling equipment now entering its 90th year of business, Morris embraces continuous improvement, diversity and automation. The company has institutionalized change management into its daily routines and Voss said the launch of the Quantum drill represents this approach and the company’s commitment to serve the needs of Canadian farmers and its global partners.
“At Morris, we realize that we must adjust to the new realities of modern, global agriculture. Continuous improvement and diversity of thinking leads to better outcomes. This approach to business is how we are able to deliver on our commitments and offer exciting, state-of-the-art equipment like the Quantum drill.”