9 Series

The 9 Series Air Cart comes with a list of innovations. Advancements include Input Control Technology, new tank configurations, left side auger and a redesigned stairway for easier access.


9 Series

The 9 Series Air Cart comes with a list of innovations. Advancements include Input Control Technology, new tank configurations, left side auger and a redesigned stairway for easier access.



The tank shape is designed to increase filling efficiencies and operator safety. Silver metallic paint and clear coat provides outstanding toughness and resistance.

Tank Design

Filling of the tanks has been made easier with the symmetrical tank design. The tank lids are closer together and with the optional hydraulic assist the operator can use the wireless controller to adjust the positioning of the spout on the auger/conveyor.

Tank Lid Design

The lid design incorporates a gas cylinder to assist the operator when opening and closing the tanks.  The new handle is also positioned so that the operator does not need to stand above the lids to open them.  The lids can then rotate to sit along the tank panel and reduce clutter on the walkway.


The grated stairway located at the rear of the air cart is accessed from the auger side.  A retractable section provides a low step height when in use then slides up and locks it out of the way.  The sliding section has 2 larger gas cylinders that help lift and hold the stairs until locked in position.

Left Side Access

The left side auger/conveyor provides easier access when filling.  A new 6-function wireless remote has been included with the optional hydraulic assist to reduce operator fatigue.


The walkway is positioned to allow an operator more room to work and avoid dust when filling the tanks.  Grating and handrails around the walkway platform offer excellent protection for a more secure and safe work area.

Stainless Steel

Morris introduces stainless steel distribution pipes and meter bodies for higher resistance to corrosion.


The 9 Series is engineered to offer the most precise air delivery system to control input costs.

Flat Fan Divider Heads

This patented design maintains a smooth horizontal flow of products as it leaves the primary runs to the divide into each secondary run. This precise and efficient system ensures that germination, growth and vigor are protected.

Meter Bodies

The meter bodies have been updated to include single person operation of the inspection and calibration access doors.  The operator can quickly inspect the seed-plate in each meter body.  New calibration doors speed up calibration time because the operator does not have to pick up parts from the ground.

High Efficient Fan

An industrial piston-type hydraulic motor powers the 17” diameter forward curved fan.  Large hydraulic lines decrease flow restriction for less heat build up under higher fan speeds.  A dual fan option is available for large width seeding tools.

Metering Wheels

The time-proven spiral fluted metering wheel is the center of the metering system.  The spiral flute provides a continuous flow of product into the air stream.  The meter body on the 9800 air cart model has been widened to accommodate up to 10 metering wheels to utilize larger seeding units.


Morris Input Control Technology (ICT) and the Topcon X35 monitor provides seed and fertilizer conservation, overlap control and ease of use. The ICT system uses a unique and simple drive system to engage, or disengage the individual metering wheels to stop the product flow instantly. Depending on the drill size, Input Control Technology is capable of controlling up to 10 sections.

Input Control Technology™

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GPS Options

Morris offers the Topcon AGI-4 as the primary receiver for our ICT units.  The AGI-4 allows use of the Omni-STAR subscription service that can decode DGPS (differential correction signals), which corrects any map drift and provides a more accurate GPS signal. *Morris highly recommends the use of subscription based correction services for optimal ICT performance.

Mechanical Drive Metering

Quick-change sprockets provide simple, reliable adjustments between crops and posi-drive transmission uses a positive lock on all drive sprockets to deliver smooth and reliable metering. Seed and fertilizer rate charts have been added to the tanks to allow for a quick reference when starting calibrations of different products. Fan speed, shaft rotation, bin levels, acres seeded and other critical data are available with the standard monitor system.

Variable Rate Metering

The Morris variable rate options is quick and responsive for precise on the go rate changes. The VRT option features Topcon’s industry-leading X35 Console with an intuitive multiview interface.

  • Morris factory loaded air cart profiles for initial set-up
  • Variable rate control for up to eight products
  • Miniview windows with drag and drop positioning
  • Interaction keypads with expandable menus
  • Dashboard readouts provide constant, convenient data
  • Full-screen views available for more detailed information
  • Advanced setup wizard provides simple icon based setup control

tank sizes

The 9 Series are available in a number of capacities and models.

Tank Sizes

  • 9365 (two tanks) – tow-behind/tow-between
  • 9450 (three tanks) – tow-behind/tow-between
  • 9445 (two tanks) – tow-behind/ tow-between
  • 9535 (four tanks) – tow-behind
  • 9550 (three tanks) – tow-behind/ tow-between
  • 9650 (four tanks) – tow-behind/tow-between
  • 9800 (four tanks) – tow-behind/tow-between
  • 91000 (four tanks) - tow-behind